Walking Ropes – 4, 8, 10, 12 or more kids at a time! All Under Control


I have a wonderful customer in DC (Silvina) that worries about her kiddos when they are out for walks.  She needed a safe way to take them on walks in busy DC.  We experimented and we tweaked her walking ropes and now have it just the way she likes it.  She has encouraged me to offer my Walking Ropes on the website – so here they are!

Each rope has a lead at each end – so kids are in-between two adults…one adult in the front and one in the back.  Each end has a loop so each adult has some control over where the kids walk while keeping them “in line.”  The main rope is made from a heavy duty nylon webbing (pictured-red with the silver stitching on each side) and has a reflective component that will be seen in those late winter afternoons when dark comes too soon.

Attached to the lead rope are belts that are long enough to accommodate winter jackets.  Belts are made from a heavy weight poly propylene webbing in different colors so each kid gets their own unique color up to 12 colors.  (If you prefer all the belts to be the same color – just ask.  We can do that too.)

Silvina’s kids are little magicians and it took a few tries to come up with a buckle that they could not get out of on their own.  We finally settled on a child safe side release buckle.   A picture of the buckle is also shown.

You can order a walking rope with as many or as few belts as you would like in multiples of four.  If you want something other than multiples of four – just ask.  The 4 belt walking rope will have two buckles that will allow you to add 4 more belts to the rope (order the 4 belt expansion).  If you want a walking rope to accommodate 12 kids you will receive the base rope with 4 belts and two 4 belt components along with 2 connectors to make the 12 belt rope.  So a 12 belt walking rope can be converted into a 4 or 8 belt rope in seconds!  An 8 belt rope will come with the base rope and 1 expansion component.

I do not have the ropes made and ready to ship but will make them as they are ordered.

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How Many Kids (Belts)

4, 8, 10, 12, 4 belt expansion