Do you ever wonder where the exotic, enticing flavors like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and even black pepper come from?  The answer is Zanzibar!  Also known as the Spice Islands, located off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean.  This mandala themed print captures the excitement and pizazz of a tropical mystical discovery.


There are different style cots so you need to indicate which style cot will be used so you get a sheet that fits properly.

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Cot sheets are 100% cotton.  Sheets have angled corners with a 3/4 inch triple stitched elastic that goes over the legs.  Cots can stack with the sheets on without a problem.  If you need help in determining the correct style or size of sheet you need click on the link above – or call me and we can figure it out together.  303 842 4314

Toddler Cots are:  21 x 40

Standard Cots are: 21 x 50

Additional information

Cot Size

Standard (52 inches), Toddler (40 inches)

Which Print?

Blue, White, Small Mandela