CS-Play Ball!


Baseball, America’s favorite past time!  These two prints feature the players and the equipment, so who’s ready to “Play Ball”?


Cot Style * 

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Cot sheet is 100% cotton.   Sheets have angled corners with a 3/4 inch triple stitched elastic that goes over the legs.  Cots can stack with the sheets on without a problem.

The metal legged cots have a little different arrangement – two of the corners will slip over the cot edge and the other two corners have a hook and loop that makes it easy to use.

Standard Cots are: 21 x 52

Toddler Cots are: 21 x 40

Additional information

Which Baseball Print?

Players, Equipment

Cot Size

Standard (52 inches), Toddler (40 inches)

Cot Style

Angeles Spaceline, Community Playthings, Metal Legged Cots, Universal or Angeles Rest