CS-Down By the Seaside


Ahhh! Down By The Seaside, imagine being on a sunny beach under an umbrella and waves nearby during the day, collecting shells at night.  That is the inspiration behind these prints.


Cot Style * 

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Fabric is 100% cotton.   Sheets have angled corners with a 3/4 inch triple stitched elastic that slips over the legs. Cots can stack with the sheets on without a problem.

The metal legged cots have a little different arrangement – two of the corners will slip over the cot edge and the other two corners have a hook and loop that makes it easy to use.

If you do not know your cot style, click on the tab at the top of the page (Cot Style Help) for pictures of the different styles.  If you still aren’t sure – just call and we can figure it out together.

Standard Cots are: 21 x 52

Toddler Cots are: 21 x 40

Additional information

Which Seaside Print?

Aqua Shells, Beach Time, Blue Seahorses, Hexagon, Midnight Blue Shells, Tropical Fish, Umbrellas, Under Water Life

Cot Size

Standard (52 inches), Toddler (40 inches)

Cot Style

Angeles Spaceline, Community Playthings, Metal Legged Cots, Universal or Angeles Rest